Sanitizing, Social Distancing, and Telehealth

As we ramp up the re-opening of our office, I want our patients to know they are safe.  Here are some of the procedures we are following for your protection:

  • Using EPA-approved cleaners. The cleaners must have chemicals approved by the EPA, which you can find on this list by clicking here. This list headed up by chlorine-based cleaners and 70% alcohol products.  Four tsp of household liquid chlorine/quart is recommended. Ammonia based products are also listed.
  • Sanitizing ALL equipment. We clean ANY equipment that is used with ANY patient between seeing patients. This includes the adjusting tables, massage tables, hand tools used for treatment, door knobs, faucet handles, light switches, bathrooms etc.  We constantly disinfect phones, keyboards copiers, etc.
  • Wear gloves while cleaning. This is to protect us and our patients.
  • Our DC’s will be wearing a mask:   For patient use even homemade mask is better than no mask. Read more about masks here.
  • We have ordered  masks for our patients to keep.  These can be worneven when running errands.
  • We Provide alcohol based hand sanitizers that are 60 – 95% alcohol-based to patients and staff. They will be at the reception desk and outside all treatment rooms. Staff will be also use sanitizer prior to and after treating a patient
  • If at all possible, we avoid cross-scheduling. One patient at a time ensures the lowest risk. We are discouraging patients from bringing another person with them.
  • Practice social distancing. If we absolutely must have multiple patients in the lobby at the same time, we are forcing social distancing by positioning chairs six or more feet apart, and removing extra chairs or blocking them off.
  • Make the car “waiting room.” We are asking patients and their companions to wait in their individual cars until their appointment time.
These careful measures will keep you safe which is our priority.  Feel free to call now for an appointment.  We’ve got you covered. 
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