Running Injury Assesment

Right now only, receive a 75% off gift card for a runner’s injury assessment- includes a mobility assessment and gait analysis. 


As any athlete knows, nothing is more frustrating than being kept from training or racing because of an injury. Unfortunately, this is especially frequent with runners, and because running injuries are among the most common of all sports injuries. To make matters worse, many running injuries become recurrent and are often slow to respond to traditional types of care. This means that even after their symptoms go away, many runners find themselves hampered by those same issues down the road, starting the whole process all over again. Now for the good news: Arlington Pain and Rehab doctors and therapists use proven treatment techniques known as myofascial release, cupping and cold laser. Combined with chiropractic adjustments, these treatments have been proven to be a very effective at treating many common running injuries helping to get runners back to training and racing quickly and effectively. 

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