5 star review  Highly recommend Arlington Pain and Rehab! The treatments are great but what really makes this place shine is the people: Dr. Osborn does a fantastic job listening to you and actually helping where it hurts, and Safia is always super welcoming and helpful. Great location and flexible hours, be sure to check them out!

thumb Jen Choi

5 star review  I have had such a great experience with Arlington Pain & Rehab and Dr. Collins. I came in not being able to do some of my favorite activities due to a shoulder injury, and she has helped me alleviate much of the pain, and taught me how to manage and prevent my condition. Dr. Collins (and all the staff I've interacted with too) is pleasant and personal and makes coming in enjoyable. I'll actually be sad not to visit regularly, but definitely pop in when I need to be 'fixed up'.

thumb Myles King

5 star review  I visited Dr. Burgandi Collins for chiropractic treatment. This treatment did wonders. She ridden my back pain and addressed other issues during my treatment. She kept me well informed all throughout the process. Dr. Collins has an amazing presence, making each trip to the chiropractor enjoyable! Would definitely recommend!!!

thumb Ash Lee Manley

5 star review  My experience here with Dr Collins has been life changing. She does a great job of taking time to listen to my needs. She uses multiple techniques to get the results needed for getting rid of my discomfort and pain. I have been suffering from headaches and neck pain from a car accident for over 5 years and Dr Collins did a great job having a plan to eliminate my pain! Highly recommend.

thumb Danielle
Jade V.'s Review Jade V.
5.0 star rating

I absolutely love my experiences here. I just started my treatment plan a few months ago and could not be happier with the outcome. This is so very...

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Sophie J.'s Review Sophie J.
5.0 star rating

Dr. Sarah is a healer, through and through. The moment you meet her, when she looks at you with her wise eyes, you know you will be taken care of.
I came in...

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Luana S.'s Review Luana S.
1.0 star rating

Do yourself a favor: "- Go somewhere else!"
Lady Aly, who handles appointments was very rude on the phone.
I scheduled a time to myself and my boyfriend....

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From Roseline:

Hello from Switzerland,

Just wished to thank you for your two youtube videos. Diagnosed with bilateral hip arthrosis at 48, after many many years of daily yoga practice, I was left with the only advice: “stop yoga if it hurts” and it did hurt a lot. All the postures you show as a no-no were on my list of the postures that hurt the most. In any case, I finally was forced to stop altogether (2 years now) because no yoga teacher was able to tell me how to approach asanas differently and develop a more appropriate practice. Shame on me, after all these years, I was the first one to lack the necessary insight to practice safely and with respect for my hurting body. After watching your videos, I am starting to envision me returning to the mat. What a joy in perspective.

Thank you very very much.

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