I'm thankful for the team at Arlington Pain and Rehab, and I especially appreciate how Dr. Burgandi Collins (Chiropractor) and Dr. Stacy Snow (Physical Therapist) listen to my concerns, communicate clearly back to me and make sure I am doing what I need to do on my end to get better. Dr. Josh's exercise videos with Ally are great, too! Don't forget to wear your mask. I'm wearing a Vicky original!

thumb Patrice O'Connor
May 2, 2020

I've been going to Arlington Pain and Rehab for almost two years. They provide great service and the doctors and staff are wonderful to work with. The location is also ideal, very walk-able and parking is available and free, if needed.

thumb Shaina Lippman
July 31, 2020

Today was second visit at Arlington pain and rehab and I love it! I have had issues for years and my chiropractors back home were good. Moving here I had to kind of search a little harder for good care but I found it with Dr. Collins. My first visit I felt better and it wasn't an "in and out" type of feel. Dr. Collins listened and really worked to find solutions.

thumb Knesha Lewis
October 18, 2019

I have had such a great experience with Arlington Pain & Rehab and Dr. Collins. I came in not being able to do some of my favorite activities due to a shoulder injury, and she has helped me alleviate much of the pain, and taught me how to manage and prevent my condition. Dr. Collins (and all the staff I've interacted with too) is pleasant and personal and makes coming in enjoyable. I'll actually be sad not to visit regularly, but definitely pop in when I need to be 'fixed up'.

thumb Myles King
October 23, 2019


From Roseline:

Hello from Switzerland,

Just wished to thank you for your two youtube videos. Diagnosed with bilateral hip arthrosis at 48, after many many years of daily yoga practice, I was left with the only advice: “stop yoga if it hurts” and it did hurt a lot. All the postures you show as a no-no were on my list of the postures that hurt the most. In any case, I finally was forced to stop altogether (2 years now) because no yoga teacher was able to tell me how to approach asanas differently and develop a more appropriate practice. Shame on me, after all these years, I was the first one to lack the necessary insight to practice safely and with respect for my hurting body. After watching your videos, I am starting to envision me returning to the mat. What a joy in perspective.

Thank you very very much.

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