Alexander Auli, D.C.

Dr. Alexander grew up watching his mother having to endure debilitating migraines and all he could do was watch her suffer. The feeling of helplessness motivated him to learn about human anatomy and the causes of pain. 

Dr. Alexander started with massage therapy. After 12 years of utilizing massage therapy in helping people to achieve relaxation and some pain relief, he felt he needed to do more in his approach to his clients’ pain management needs. 


He graduated chiropractic school in 2011 from Southern California University of Health Sciences. 

After almost 9 years of practicing, Dr. Alexander is continuously learning and keeping up with the latest research. He is always working on his skills to treat all musculoskeletal and joint issues. His treatments are done methodically and precisely to restore function and eliminate pain in the shortest amount of time, saving patients time, money, and energy!

Dr. Alexander trains and competes in jiu-jitsu in his free time.

Dr. Auli provides services to our patients at the Courthouse office.


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