May 2018


Have you ever wondered what it means to have flat feet?

A flat foot is when the arches of the feet either never develop or fall over time. Infants and small children naturally have flat feet. However, if you are an adult without arches, it is still a perfectly normal foot type. If you have fallen arches, the tendon that runs along the inside of the ankle has weakened and may be causing you some pain. Fallen arches can also be caused by wear and tear as we age or by an injury.

Usually, having flat feet does not cause problems. However, if you are experiencing foot, ankle, knee, or hip pain, you should get checked out by a doctor as misalignments could occur from having flat feet. Orthodics may help, especially if you are active or need to be on your feet all day. Ask about having your feet evaluated for orthodics at your next appointment.

Having trouble finding stylish shoes that are comfortable for flat feet? Click on the link below for suggestions for comfortable but stylish shoes.

Arlington Pain and Rehab

P.S. Not sure if you have flat feet? Set up an appointment today! We can evaluate your feet and let you know!  

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