July 2018


Do you want to work out more but find it difficult to squeeze in a trip to the gym? Yes, we get that.

You are busy, busy, busy, and taking the time to go to the gym, change, workout for an hour or so, shower, change again, and head home or back to work is A LOT some days! How would some quick 15-minute workout ideas sound? Pretty good, if you ask me!

These are exercises you can do on your own at home on those days where you just cannot fit in a workout in the gym. OR you can build them into your day in addition to a spin class or gym workout. It is up to you.

Have a favorite, quick workout? Please hit “reply” and let us know what it is!

Arlington Pain and Rehab

P.S. Not sure how to do the exercises or if these exercises are for you? Set up an appointment today! We can evaluate your biomechanics and walk you through it!

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