Is age just a number?

“Age is just a number” and that is what some people say to feel younger or to simply justify their goofy behavior at times. Whether true or not, your body cannot distinguish how old you truly are. You may feel less capable of doing certain physical activities as you get older, but that does not mean it is the age that is causing a slowdown in the system.

Whether 16 years of age or 60, your body maintains the same goal, which is survival. In order to survive, one must gather food and avoid dangers. Both of these actions are accomplished by your musculoskeletal system or, simply put, the muscles under your skin. These guys are the movers of the body and since they have to be utilized from birth to death, and also since they are mainly made out of water (to simplify), they never get old.

Two things happen to our muscles as we get older. They either get overused or remain untrained. It is our job as pain management specialists here at Arlington Pain and Rehab to identify which muscles are burdened and overused and which ones are not utilized in order to restore function and take the pain away. When there is dysfunction, there will be pain as well. Pain is the last symptom to show up to the party and the first one to leave. In order to truly eliminate pain, one must address functionality. Once the function is restored, pain will never come back. Unfortunately, many are pain-oriented and once the pain is gone they stop treatment and to their dismay, pain will return at a later time.

Dr. Alexander

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