Simple ways to stay healthy this winter

Winter can cause a yearning in your soul to warm up by a cozy fire and finally slow down. I love that nature works like this, innately causing us to change with the seasons, have you ever noticed? The winter brings the desire for warmer foods, connection with loved ones, and more rest and relaxation. […]

Arlington Pain and Rehab

Making resolutions you’ll actually keep this year

Does it seem like the years fly by faster each year? Sometimes I can’t believe how fast they go by, and this year is no exception. We get wrapped up in our schedules, and before we know it, we’re making holiday plans again with our loved ones.    Same goes for New Year’s Resolutions. We proudly proclaim them at […]

Is age just a number?

“Age is just a number” and that is what some people say to feel younger or to simply justify their goofy behavior at times. Whether true or not, your body cannot distinguish how old you truly are. You may feel less capable of doing certain physical activities as you get older, but that does not […]

Arlington Pain and Rehab

Announcing November’s First Friday Topic!

The holiday season can be a huge cause of stress for some of us. Whether it is the coordination of parties and events, the temptations of goodies at every turn, or the finalizing of vacation plans, all of us probably have some areas where we could boost our health and happiness.    Sometimes, making necessary changes for […]

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