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Homeschooling Ergonomics

Article by Daniel Osborn, D.C. In our tech savvy society, we are constantly considering our own workplace ergonomics. You may have a standing desk, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, an anti-fatigue mat, a lumbar support pillow, and a proper office chair. Now that we are mostly working from home our ergonomic situation has become a […]

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upper crossed syndrome

Neck Pain and Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS)

Article by Daniel Osborn, D.C. Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS) occurs when the muscles and overlying fascia of the upper back, neck, and shoulders become deformed as a result of poor posture. The posture correlated with UCS is described as when the head drifts forward to the point where it is no longer aligned vertically over […]

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Your immune system

Humans have been thriving for thousands of years and fighting off all kinds of infectious disease. How is this possible? Well, let’s take a brief look at how amazing our immune defenses are. Our bodies have several levels of defenses. Our skin is the first barrier for when a virus tries to enter. The mucous layer […]

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