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Our risk-free consultations allow us to review your injuries, learn more about your accident, and explain potential treatment options. 

Suffering from a stiff neck, headaches, stiffness, trouble sleeping? Book your complimentary RISK-FREE consultation immediately using the form below or call (703) 671-6073!

Arlington Pain and Rehab is Here to Help You Recover Post-Accident 

Early action and treatment are critical in auto accident rehabilitation. We provide care for accident victims of all severities and situations – our chiropractic care is personalized to fit your specific needs as you recover from your auto accident.

At Arlington Pain and Rehab, we treat many issues injuries resulting from collisions, including but not limited to whiplash, herniated disc, and soft tissue injuries. We always begin the treatment process with a complimentary consultation to learn more about your accident and injuries so we can provide you with a customized treatment plan to help you recover from your auto accident injury.

When to Seek Care Post Accident 

We recommend you seek care IMMEDIATELY despite the severity of your accident for several reasons. Early treatment after a car, motorcycle, or truck accident is critical to your health and key to preventing potential pain down the road, even if your injuries are minor. Additionally, auto insurance claims adjusters tend to deny injury claims even just 2-3 weeks after an accident – early action is necessary after your collision — even if you feel “fine.” Learn more here.

Local Attorneys 

If you believe your client has suffered from whiplash or injuries as the result of a car accident, we can help. We are experienced in working with attorneys and their clients to best process cases while helping the client recover. Call (703) 671-6038 to discuss your case today or fill out the form at the top. 

Testimonials from Accident Patients

Lewis L. 

I had a side impact car accident 25 years ago resulting in a chronic whiplash injury that almost none of the 30-40 various practitioners of all types I saw could help except by prescription of a muscle relaxer.  The only other chiropractor who ever helped me briefly when I was working in Philadelphia referred me to Dr. Moses years later after I had a fall which further injured my neck. When I landed in Dr. Moses’ office, I was on death’s door in excruciating pain in my neck and back with almost no cervical and upper back mobility and severe fibromyalgia symptoms.  I did not know how I was going to continue on.  Over the last 9 years, he has improved my condition with manipulation, targeted massage, and prescribed exercises to the point where I can lift heavy weights, bike, hike, and do most things I want to do in life.  I am basically on maintenance now.  He has a natural gift for cervical manipulation that literally no other chiropractor has. I am convinced this gift cannot be taught based on my experience with other chiropractors.  He is kind, caring, dedicated, and will go out of his way to ensure your recovery.  Summer, the office manager, has also been really helpful in making sure all of this happened and that the progress continued. You will be taken care of well at this practice. It’s been a life saver for me.


When I started consulting Dr. Moses, I had severe joint and muscle pain due to an injury. However, I’ve been able to make significant improvements over the past year thanks to the work put in by him and his team. He knows exactly what he’s doing and his team has been nothing short of wonderful – calm, patient, and very accommodating.

Meet Our Tea

Meet our team of chiropractors in Arlington, V.A., who specialize in auto accident care. From whiplash to neck pain and everything in between – we can’t wait to join you on your recovery journey. 

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