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In 2015, there are many different types of exercise that will help us reach a better physique, so how do we decide which to choose from? It depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to achieve a long, lean body, then Pilates is the way to go! Pilates is the exercise of choice for Dr. Josh Alvarado and Dr. Michael Moses when it comes to achieving whole body and core strength. The doctors promote strengthening the core to many of their patients, because it will improve posture, thus helping reduce low back pain. There are several other benefits to Pilates as well, such as balance, weight loss, whole body conditioning, injury prevention, and endurance.Summer at My Thrive Pilates

The doctors and staff at Arlington Pain & Rehab know the benefits of Pilates first hand through their partnership with My Thrive Pilates. My Thrive Pilates is a studio located close to our offices in Courthouse Plaza, Arlington. The studio offers many different classes, such as Pilates reformer, Barre mat, Pilates mat, CoreAlign, and TRX. Private classes are also available upon request. If you and a few are friends looking to get together for a workout, a private class may be a great option.

Dr. Michael Moses, Dr. Josh Alvarado, Summer and Ali were grateful to be given the opportunity to participate in a private class instructed by Stephanie Westberg, one of My Thrive Pilates’ owners. Stephanie gave us a better understanding of the small muscle groups working, and the benefits of using the Pilates reformer. In turn, the doctors showed Stephanie and her business partner, Tom, some hip flexor stretches. The staff left feeling happy, limber, and excited to come back for more Pilates in the future!

Learn More About My Thrive Pilates

If you are interested in learning more about Pilates and how it can be added to your fitness routine, we highly recommend you reach out to Stephanie and the team at My Thrive Pilates and get started today.

Partner with Arlington Pain and Rehab

If you have a fitness facility and are interested in partnering with Arlington Pain and Rehab, we’d love to hear from you as well.
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