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Hip Injury Prevention With Single Leg Glute Bridge

Training Through a Hip Injury

Two common injuries we see at Arlington Pain and Rehab Courthouse are hip tendinitis and bursitis. Hip tendinitis and bursitis are frequently found in athletes that perform repetitive movements, long distance runners, gymnasts, and elderly individuals with an unsteady gait. Pain, inflammation, swelling, and soreness are indicators of a hip condition, and it is unlikely […]

Chronic Pain Relief with Acupuncture

Chronic Pain Relief With Acupuncture

A wide population of people suffer from chronic pain today. Chronic pain may result from an injury that failed to heal properly or normal aging conditions that affect the bones and joints. However, these two indicators may not always be the answer to a chronic pain sufferer’s problem, and studies have shown that there is often an underlying […]


Office Ergonomics: Protect Yourself from Strain and Pain

As you probably know and have experienced by now, working a daily 9-5 desk-bound job is not guaranteed to exclude you from repetitive stress pain. This pain is not unique to those working heavy jobs like construction, agriculture or even baggage claim handlers. Is working in an office 9-5 so difficult and dangerous to our […]

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