6 Upcoming D.C. Area Races and Marathons

Fall is afoot and with the new season comes a variety of marathons and races to choose from. From military affiliated marathons to parent-child races, there’s a run out there for everyone. Check out these six upcoming races in the DMV area and visit the Potomac River Running Race Series for more nearby running events. […]

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Hamstring Stretches with Crossfit MPH Coach Melody

Today we have Melody Feldman from Crossfit MPH visiting us to go over hamstring stretches. So if you are a Crossfit athlete, or anyone with tight hamstrings this is the video for you. Equipment you would need for these stretches are the jump stretch band, the foam roller, and a lacrosse ball. The Banded Hamstring […]

Hip Flexor Couch Stretch

Hip Flexor Couch Stretch

Every athlete needs to take care of their body. It is a critical part of improving performance through proper recovery and appropriate body preparation. Professionals should always be sought for complicated or injury related problems, and no exercise or stretching/mobility program should be attempted without professional advice. View our tutorial on ways for athletes to address […]

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